TECHNITRACE has launched its very first new generation of electronic temperature controler and incorporated a newly developed micro controler more efficient but most of all with a inrush current absorber concerning the start-up of the self regulating heating cables.

The liftime span of the self regulating heating cables has been largely improved. This electric temperature controler is entirley configurable thanks to its mini programming LCD pad which can be removed (blind mode) or left on the THA/E electronic card. The temperature mesurment is taken by a temperature sensor type PT1000 in this new version.
The ambiant temperature sensor is located on the outside NOVATRACE box (embedded in the body of a gland) so that the temperature sensor can be displaced to another place, the connection cable can be made longer without interfering with precision of measurements taken.

The temperature sensor is perfectly interchangable and  can be replaced by a 2m sensor cap.

This new generation is evolving and the apparatus can be used in mode “chrono proportionnal” (equivalent THA/E) or “ON/OFF” (equivalent of THA/C) or ” electronic temperature regulator with digital display.