Where to find Technitrace heating cables :

TECHNITRACES heating cables are dispatched around the whole of France.

Our company is now developing its Export market and is looking foward to finding their new partners for the European market.

In the rubric “Become our partner or distributor agent”, you will find all the good reasons to join us and become one of our privileged distributors or installers. Please feel free to contact our Commercial export service.

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    Where to find Technitrace heating cables

    Technitrace manufacture

    Z.I. Avenue du Général de Gaulle
    89130 TOUCY – FRANCE

    Téléphone: +
    Fax: +

    Email: info@novatrace.com
    Web: www.technitrace.fr

    Our dealer for China

    地址:中国. 上海. 闵行区颛兴东路999弄 致善楼610室
    电话:021-5198 7649
    Shanghai Tujun Automation Technology Co.,Ltd
    Address: Room 610  Zhishan Building , 999 ZhuanXing Dong Rd,Minhang District, Shanghai China
    Tel:021-5198 7649