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heating cables manufacturer – Technitrace

Technitrace is a manufacturer of heating cables (self regulating heating cables and constant wattage). With more than 15 years’ experience in electrical tracing, Technitrace is one of the few manufacturers  in the world with the expertise and technology enabling it to achieve in situ at its plant in Toucy (89-Burgandy) its own semiconductor mixtures involved in the manufacturing of self regulating heating cables. TECHNITRACE propose a large range of self regulating and also constant wattage cables. Technitrace will find the right solution for your heat tracing installations.

Our job …manufacture your heating cables

constant wattage heating cables PCBT, PCMT & PCHT ( > our product range < )

self regulating heating cables CABT, CAMT & CAHT ( our product range < )

TECHNITRACE is a manufacturer recognized worldwide with its quality management system and is certified ISO 9001:2008.

In context of applications in hazardous areas (ATEX) the company Technitrace is reconized manufacturer and notified ATEX for manufacturing its self regulating heating cables CABT/Ex and CAHT/Ex in its plant inToucy (Burgandy – France) are certified ATEX (LCIE 13 ATEX 3091X & InterTek ITS14ATEXQ7985).

TECHNITRACE meet the required standards of the French and European rules and regulations in vigor (CE). Technitrace manufacture self regulating heating cables for Airbus aeronautic since 10 years and other prestigious customers.

Different steps are taken concerning (tracing of batch numbers, batch checks…) in accordance with the company’s internal quality procedure IS09001: 2008. All the necessary steps are taken throughout the long chain of  the production right up untill the reception of our product by the customer.

heating cables - Technitrace manufacturer
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