Project Description

CAHT/Ex high temperature self-regulating heating cable consist of a heating semiconductor plastic element which adapts its calorific power (W/m) on each point depending on the local temperature. This intrinsic feature of the semiconductor heating element allows in some cases to dispense of using a thermostatic controler (self-regulation).

They are reserved for temperature maintenance applications for pipes, tanks and other hydraulic systems located in hazardous area (ATEX-Group II2 GD).

Marking : CAHT /Ex-Ex IIC T3 Gb – Ex tb IIIC T200°C Db-IP 66/67
Operatingrange : -50°C< T ambient<+120°C.

French manufacturing in accordance with the requirements of the European directive 2014/34/ EU and standards EN 60079-0, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-31, EN 60079-30.1.

They can be cut on the adjusted length directly on the job site.

Self regulating heating cables CAHT/Ex
Thermal power output determined in compliance to standard EN 62.395


Self-regulating heating cables CAHT/Ex can be cut on  heat  tracing site to the requested length.

Due to their design, they ensure an intrinsic maximum temperature of 120°C without the use of regulation in some cases.

Self regulating heating cables CAHT/Ex also enable branches from a single point of electrical power supply (power along the whole cable length)

–> You should use a certified EEx e box  for increased safety or a EEx d box (flameproof).


Self-regulation at 120°C
Self regulating heating cables CAHT/Ex
The  diffusion of heat generated by our self regulating heating cable varies and depends on where the cable is situated and the cables contat temperature. 
power output determined by the manufacturer in compliance to standard EN62.395


  • Maximum length : 110 m
  • Recommended maximum maintain temp: 85°C
  • Maximum exposure temp power on: 120°C
  • Maximum exposure temp power off : 200°C
  • Calibration : 2 * rated current
  • Use at least C curve circuit-break
  • Possible peak current : 3 * rated current /300ms
  • Compulsory residual-current circuit breaker : 30 mA
Dissipation curves are theoretical and solely provided for information purposes


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