Project Description

A self regulating heating cable consists of a plastic semi-conductor heating element  which adapts its heat output according to the local temperature of the self, regulating heating cable.

The intrinsic particularity of the heating element enables you in certain cases to do away with the self regulating system. Our self regulating heating cables CABT & CABT++ can be cut to length on the heat tracing site and are easy to install.

Self regulating heating cables CABT & CABT ++


Self regulating heating cables CABT

  • Prevent water pipes, icy water, oily water, pipe systems from freezing
  • Temperature maintenance of pipes & tanks up to 35°C
Thermal power output determined in compliance to standard EN 62.395.


  • Cut to length on the heat tracing site
  • Allow connecting branches with power supplied from a single point
  • Semi-conductor plastic heating element that adjusts locally its heating power
  • Good flexibility enabling hydraulic part tracing (valve, pump, …)
  • Cables can be overlapped during implementation (self regulating feature)
  • CABT heating cables withstand 65°C power on / 75°C power off
  • CABT++ heating cables withstand 85°C power on / 125°C power off


Self regulating heating cables CABT & CABT ++
The dissipated heating power of the self regulating heating cables CABT&CABT++ at each point of the cable varies
according to the temperature of the contact point of diffusion where the cable is positionned.
Thermal power output determined by manufacturer in compliance to standard EN 62.395


Dissipation curves are theoretical and solely provided for information purposes.

Datasheet CABT

  • Calibration : rated current * 2
  • Use C or D curve circuit breaker
  • Possible peak current :  3 * rated current / 300ms
  • Compulsory residual current circuit breaker : 30 mA
  • Maximum length = approx 110 m
Self regulating heating cables CABT & CABT ++