Project Description

Temperature regulation system Novatrace

Temperature regulation system Novatrace is based on a chronological and proportional ambient temperature regulation. A temperature probe associated with a microcontroller constantly measures the ambiance temperature and automatically switches on/off the system according to the variation of the temperature . In fact, the heating requirement of a pipe is directly related to to the ambient temperature (Q=F(Ta)) regardless of the streamflow of the pipe. The temperature measurement is made either by a probe located right onto the electronical board or by a remote probe according to the selected option. The power supply of the heating cables is regulated chronoproportionally. At any time, the delivered heat power offsets perfectly the heat losses. Therefore, temperature regulation system Novatrace ensures a perfect energy management and maintains a constant temperature along the whole length of the pipes regardless of their streamflows. Temperature regulation system Novatrace is the best investissement and will help you save money on your heat tracing installations.

Comparaison between variable self regulating power cables and temperature regulation system Novatrace

Temperature regulation system Novatrace

Connection and junction boxes

The waterproof connection box PROG/Novatrace allows simple connection with its cable on the card  enabling you to set  the power ratio value  at 0°C and the desired self regulating temprerature. No other element is needed for this installement, all is provided by the operating cart.

Temperature regulation system Novatrace


    Temperature regulation system Novatrace allows :

  • Simplified programming of required power at 0°C (PO) and of self regulating tempretaure (SRT) through PROG/Novatrice programmer
  • Operating range: from 5°C to 120°C
  • -50% power savings for freeze protection compared to conventional ON/OFF ambiant thermostats
  • Power saving as energy the heat output is used only when needed
  • No risk of overheating and dead-arms
  • Scalable system (by adjusting PO and SRT parameters

The NOVATRACE power management system associated with constant wattage PCBT, PCMT et PCHTcables is the ideal system to ensure constant temperature maintenance of pipe networks including numerous dead-legs, taps generating different hydraulic regimes. It is an ideal solution for chilled water systems at 5°C subject to thermal drifts with conventional tracing systems (self-regulating heating cables associated with ON/OFF ambiant thermostat).